When our partner Pat plus myself first obtained our house, it was the perfect size for the more than one of us plus our dog Patches, while still keeping a guest room plus a dining room.

However, once Pat found out that both of us were expecting a new addition of our family, both of us realized that both of us needed to add more space to our home.

We decided we should convert the 2 car garage into a new master family room plus bathroom, so that both of us would have room for a giant walk-in closet, plus Pat’s plus her sinks, however everything went according to plan, plus the remodeling was looking appreciate a success, but both of us had to make a decision on how to heat plus cool down the new room. Extending the ductwork was going to be upscale plus complicated, plus Pat didn’t want to use an ugly, inefficient window unit, so both of us decided to go with a heat pump. A heating pump works appreciate a traditional cooling system, in the sense that it uses as evaporator plus a condenser, but unlike a traditional cooling system, the flow of coolant can easily be reversed, so that it can cool our room when it’s tepid outside, plus moderate our room when gets freezing outside. The replacement was quick, plus Pat only had to drill a small hole for all of the necessary components for our heat pump. Now that our new kid is here plus both of us are residing in our new master family room, the heating pump has worked for us flawlessly, whenever both of us need it, plus since the heating pump is so efficient, both of us have saved hundreds on our energy bills each month.



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