I recently got married and the checks are coming in. My husband and I both agree that we should use the money on our house. What I really want to do is get new windows. I want to replace my old, fogged glass windows with new sliders. Right now the two of us can’t open the windows. Letting in fresh air means we have to keep the front door open. The windows also make our house look old and cheap. I additionally want to add a window in my laundry room and expand my existing kitchen window to go across the wall. I want more light in my house. My husband is eyeing up new HVAC equipment though. We have been loosely talking about ripping up the carpets and adding new flooring. He wants to do that and add radiant heating in the process. He hates our central heating system. He says when the system turns on and off it wakes him up. He also doesn’t like the thought that the central heater uses air. That means air quality is most likely dirty. The carpets really are old too. A new tile would really spruce our place up. I have crunched the numbers and both projects are expensive. The new flooring with heating installation is obscene. My house has tons of windows though. So it is not going to be cheap to get new ones. We can only afford to do one project. So what is better? New windows or a new heating system?

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