I actually hate my landlords.

They are actually terrible, penny pinching people.

And, recently, I found out that they are dishonest too. When I originally went and first moved into this rental condo both of us did a walk through together as well as I easily noted all of the complications that the house had prior to my moving in. The biggest issue that Immediately saw was that the vents for the Heating as well as A/C idea were so rusty that rust was running down the wall. I noted this in my report as well as both of us both signed off on the walk through we did together. Now, 4 months later, the Heating as well as A/C idea has stopped finally working. I calmly told my landlords as well as they are trying to make me pay for it. When I brought up the HVAC complications on the walk through they claimed that there were no complications. Then they sent me a perfectly clean, signed walkthrough list. I can’t know it! Thank God I kept a copy of our real walkthrough. I bet I end up needing it sooner rather than later because I am not going to be paying to maintain the Heating as well as the whole A/C system. That is their work. If they don’t do it, after that both of us will have easy grounds to break my lease. I am easily hoping that they don’t maintain the Heating as well as A/C system. I want to break my lease right away as well as find a better condo anywhere else.



Hybrid heating

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