We will be taking it easy this weekend after hurting our shoulders last night.

We have pieces of frozen fish in plastic on our shoulders now because we don’t have any ice packs.

At least we will eat the fish after we use them. We’re going to get good books from our dad’s bookstore and settle down for the weekend to read. We can’t do much with sore shoulders but rest. Therefore, wonderful books and some ice packs will be our only company this weekend. Our friend, who is a heating professional, is going to come by at some point for a visit to just hang out with us. We had several plans this weekend to do things with our friends, however we can’t now. Maybe we’ll get books on Heating, Ventilation, and A/C maintenance seeing that our unit is going to need some work soon. That way, we can see what needs to be done on it and go from there with contacting the right expert to do the work. Our heating tech friend only works with heating and we need someone who can tune up the a/c side of the system so we’ll have to do some digging to find the right dealer. We have lots of time now though so it won’t be a huge issue deal looking around online for the right dealer. The cooling system in our loft is not working so well right now, and it’s so hot outside, so we need to get someone to come out and help us out.



oil furnace

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