We finally had a fireplace over the holidays this year.

I have always wanted a wood burning fireplace in my house, but for some reason I have never ended up living in a place that actually has a wood burning fireplace.

I always thought that a wood burning fireplace was way better than a gas log fireplace because of the nice crackling sound that it makes and the smell of wood smoke when the fire is burning. Before now, the only time I have ever really been around a fireplace has been when we were staying in a cabin in the woods during family vacations when I was a kid. I just remember really loving it and feeling like it was so cozy and warm. Ever since then, I always wanted to have my own fireplace during the holidays. Up until now, though, it has never seemed to work out for me. This year though, my husband gave me the greatest Christmas present that I have ever had in my old life. He had our local HVAC company come out a couple of weeks ago and install a wood burning fireplace for us in the living room. And while it was a huge undertaking and it caused a really big mess in our house at the time, I have to say that the whole project was absolutely worth it. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I enjoyed having a wood burning fireplace in the house during the holidays this year. It made everything better and cozier and I loved hanging our stockings near the fireplace for the first time.


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