I bought a rental that is a very small home.

My family refers to it as the tiny house because it is so tiny and adorable.

It has a decent plot of land but the actual house is not even 1000 square feet. It is perfect for a single person. You have a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living area. The yard is well maintained and there is a nice driveway. The house also sits back from the road so you feel more private. What is great about having a little home as a rental is that the service and repairs are small. Adding new kitchen cupboards and countertops wasn’t expensive. Gutting the bathroom and putting in new fixtures was easier. I also found that I didn’t need a powerful heat pump or ductless HVAC unit. I found a simple window heating and cooling unit for a few hundred bucks and that was it. When I found my first tenant to rent the tiny home he was worried about inferior heating and cooling. I asked him to test out the window HVAC and see how he felt. Since the house is so small it can be cooled in a matter of minutes by the window unit. Heating the space is a joke too. Since we live down south it doesn’t get that cold and the heater is more than enough for him. Yes, it does take electricity and that can be pricey. However, the unit doesn’t need to stay on all day, everyday. The HVAC unit is good enough for the square footage it can be turned off to take a break. I want all rentals that are super small. I don’t deal with air filter changes or HVAC maintenance in that place.

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