I want a good HVAC unit

My parents don’t completely pay for a wedding like most do. What they do is give you money that you can spend however you want a big gift. The big gift is always something super practical. My brothers both got a zero turn mower when they got married. My parents wanted to know what I wanted. I am thinking about asking for HVAC in my shed. Right now I use a space heater in the wintertime and a box fan in the summer. Not having proper heating and cooling affects my workouts. I get tired, sweaty and sluggish in the summer. My winter workouts are rough due to tight muscles and bundling up in many layers. Ideally I would like a ductless mini split. It could easily provide temperature control for the entire space. I could get a smart thermostat that I could control from my phone or computer. I could work a few hours, set the HVAC to the right temperature, and when I would be ready to work out the space would be the right temperature. The cost is around what my parents spend too. However, I could just get a window HVAC unit for a few 100 bucks and get something that would work for both my new husband and I. Getting new windows in the house might be a smarter idea. They are my parents though, so the gift should be for me. I want a good HVAC unit. I want to work out without worry. I don’t want to fight mold and moisture in the shed.

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