My stepfather was pretty much always in the courtroom.

He was an attorney and was always up incredibly early and back to the lake residence after dark.

It makes you wonder if it is entirely worth it chasing money in this manner when you have no free time to enjoy your life. I took a different route and went the artistic route. I don’t make anywhere near as much as I did back in the engineering days but I work roughly a quarter of the hours and have a good amount of free time. I never see most of my tied up friends these days though. One of my good pals works as a heat pump repair and contractor and he works over 50 hours a week. He told me he has merely an hour and a half a day that is free, the rest he explained is taken up with work and family duties. I always see him on tasks installing geothermal and heat pumps when I am making my way down the road. He is so tied up that we basically need to book weeks in advance when we wish to hang out. I was thinking about becoming an air conditioner machine expert until I saw how little free time he truly had. I suppose there is no self-explanatory way these days though, you have to pay one way or another. You either have no currency or no time, it’s your choice. I asked him about the modern hybrid Heating and Air Conditioning machines because they seem so fascinating to me. He told me all about it one day and it made me suppose that perhaps I should have one installed in my residence. Maybe that’s the most wonderful way for us to hang out!

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