When my boyfriend and I first bought our home I wasn’t happy with the living room.

The previous homeowners definitely liked an old fashioned feel.

The exterior of the house was orange and brown. Inside was all brown rug, wallpaper and some wood walls. It very much felt like a cabin. The living room had two wood walls, a wood ceiling, brown rug and a wood stove right in the center. The heating system was so small and useless. The home came with central heating. Also, the placement of the heater was dumb. In the center of the room is where you want to put a tv, not a heating system. At the current spot the tv would have needed to go in a corner and block some of the windows. I didn’t like that. My boyfriend and I ended up removing the woodstove. It was a pain. It was cast iron and extremely heavy. Also, the heating equipment was properly vented to the roof. We had to hire roofers and patch the wood ceiling. Once we sold the heater I realized that it was mainly a showpiece. It was totally clean inside and the HVAC company I called told me it was only good for a hunting shack. Apparently it wasn’t all that powerful and more a decoration. Who wants something that large in their home as a decorative piece? What was the point of venting the heater if you never used it? My living room now feels so big and grand without the heating device. I can put the tv where I want it.



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