Well, I actually believe the noise won’t be so hilarious if it ends up costing me a small fortune to service it, but for now it’s kind of funny.

It’s making a rumbling and screeching sound whenever it turns on and it reminds me of the old Christmas Story movie with the father always cursing the broken down machine.

I think I have watched that movie about 18 times now and it still makes me giggle. Maybe I will end up yelling at my component if it breaks down or starts to smoke like the one in the movie. If I recall, he had an ancient oil or gas heating system that kept breaking down during the Christmas holidays and the father would be engulfed in black soot. The little boy would laugh at his father and the laughter was contagious. I wonder if the parents should have invested in a wood burning furnace instead. But then again he would end up with other issues while he was chopping wood. Maybe a tree would fall on the residence or on the car. I think I should upgrade my terribly ancient oil heating system with a high quality heating and a/c machine so I don’t have to regularly be bothered about whether or not my residence will be warm in the Wintertime. I think another option is to transport to a locale where the weather is more warm and not even be worrying about having heat or A/C in my house. There are various options for climate control, I just need to understand which is best.

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