Well, I suppose the noise won’t be so humorous if it ends up costing me a lot of money to maintain it, but for now it’s kind of funny.

It’s making a rumbling and screeching sound every time it turns on and it reminds me of the seasoned Christmas Story movie with the father regularly cursing the broken down unit.

I think I have watched that movie approximately 15 times now and it still makes me giggle to this day. Maybe I will end up yelling and screaming at my component if it breaks down or starts to smoke like the one in the movie. If I recall, he had a seasoned oil or gas heating system that kept breaking down during the Christmas holiday season and the father would be covered in black soot. The little boy would laugh a great deal at his father behind his back and the laughter was absolutely contagious. Possibly the parents should have invested in a wood burning furnace instead. But then again he likely would end up with other setbacks while he was splitting wood. Potentially a tree would fall on the lake dwelling or on the car. I think I should replace my seasoned oil heating system with a new high quality heating, ventilation and A/C appliance so I don’t have to totally worry about whether or not my lake dwelling will be hot in the winter. I suppose another option is to transport to a location where the weather is more warm and not even bother about having heat or AC in my house. There are more than 2 possibilities for climate control, I just need to figure out which is best.


Washable filter

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