Storage is kind of a pain in my house.

There is a kitchen pantry that basically needs to hold everything.

I put pots, pans, paper towels, cases of water and wrapping paper in there. I also try to stuff cleaning supplies under the kitchen sink and whatever doesn’t fit, goes in the closet. The bathroom closet is so small that there are some medical-like items that are just floating around. There is one closet that I want to be the main storage hub, the HVAC closet. It is annoying that my heating and ac devices take up so much room. The HVAC sits on a little stand so that it takes up all usable space. I can’t put anything under the stand due to ventilation. The other half of the closet is where the water heater is stored. It is big, tall and flush to the ceiling. I have managed to mount my vacuum, squeeze a broom and a bucket in the HVAC closet. I also have added shelving next to the HVAC equipment for spray bottles, rags and other cleaners. There is still not enough storage. Someday I want to replace the big HVAC unit with a ductless model. Inside the bedrooms can be mini splits with smart thermostats. Then I could get a tankless water heater inside. That whole closet would be up for grabs. The amount of things I could put in there would be amazing. It is a great location, width and size. Right now all my heating and cooling equipment use it.
ductless mini split

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