One of my first jobs was genuinely undoubtedly working at a heating, ventilation, and A/C business, however I had no formal training, so obviously I couldn’t be a heating and air conditioner professional… Which was perfectly fine by me, because I hated the idea of driving around to people’s homes.

I worked at a desk and took calls for the air conditioning supplier.

I was there for customer support and to schedule any appointments, or sign people up for any heating, ventilation, and A/C service plans they were interested in. I also would talk about the promotions both of us were having at the time, and having basic know-how on heating and air conditioner equipment. Although I was originally dreading having my first work, while I was still in school for that matter, I ended up undoubtedly enjoying my work. I genuinely found myself looking forward to heading on over to the air conditioning business after school to begin my work. That is pretty sparse for work. Unfortunately, I was only able to work there for a year, because the air conditioning business ended up going out of business, due to larger heating, ventilation, and A/C corporations in the section driving them out. I tried getting a task at another location, but most of these locales were looking for someone with experience in the heating, ventilation, and A/C work field, and for the most part all I had was talking to buyers. I was crestfallen to lose my first work, especially a single I loved, and even nowadays, I would still consider it to be a single of my favorite works of all time.


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