Irene wants to relax this weekend after hurting her shoulder during the week.

She has a piece of frozen fish in plastic on her shoulder now because Irene doesn’t have any ice packs. Afterward she can eat the fish after she uses it. Irene is going to get a good book from the online store and stay home this weekend to study it. She can’t do much with a sore shoulder, so rest is good, plus a good book and some ice packs to alleviate the pain. Her boyfriend, who is a heating pro, is going to come by at some point for a visit to just hang out with Irene. They had plans this weekend to do things, but Irene can’t move easily. Maybe she’ll get a book on Heating and A/C repair and maintenance seeing that her AC is going to need repairing. At least she can see what needs to be done on it and go from there with contacting the right HVAC business to do the work. Her boyfriend, who is a heating pro, only works with heating and Irene needs someone who can repair the air conditioner side of the device. So she’ll have to do some digging to find the right corporation. Irene has lots of time now though so it won’t be a big deal looking around online for the right corporation. The AC in her beach house is not working so well right now, and it’s so warm outside, so Irene needs to get someone to come out and help her pretty soon.


Cooling and heating company

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