Moving to the south has long been one of our dreams.

My wife is from the south and we met in university.

Yet, we settled in the north due to tasks and our family. I grew up dealing with severe winters and all the heating and A/C heating that goes with that. So for me, when we would visit my wife’s family in the south, it was difficult for me to leave. Finally, things worked out to allow us to transport to the south. We even were able to find a home that sat on 10 acres so there were no neighbors. That led us to thinking thatwe would do without window treatment in order to soak up the view all the time. Well, I didn’t even consider the fact that direct sunlight heating can absolutely do a number on the ambient air inside a house. With all the windows uncovered, the sunlight heating was all over the house. I absolutely didn’t see the effect until I got our first utility bill of the spring. Our heating plus A/C cooling costs were absolutely high and all those open windows were the reason. So I had some mechanical solar shade installed that can sync with the smart control unit. That was all it took. The smart control component has sensors all over the home so it can tell when there is a miniscule rise in temperature. Then, it simply activates the solar shades plus covers the windows in that part of the house. It’s pretty amazing really. And it is saving myself and others a ton of currency on our Heating plus A/C cooling costs. And now that I live in the south, the heating and A/C cooling costs are the ones that I need to keep our eye on.

cooling equipment

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