I just called over a HVAC contractor to put in a few hours of work.

I have just now started getting into using contractors. I used to do all the work around my house myself. I make enough money and don’t really have the time to do it anymore. I love hiring out of work. It is worth a few hundred bucks not to get my hands dirty, feel frustrated and waste all day on a project. Recently I decided to renovate my kitchen. I still did some work on it. I removed all the old cupboards and counters. I fixed up the drywall, added lights and installed the new cupboards. I hired someone to move the stove, set up the countertops and do my kitchen flooring. I really hate tiling. I can do it, but I hate it. It takes forever making the mortar, putting down cement board and grouting the tile. It is messy, icky and I usually mess up somewhere along the way. I knew I wanted to add heated flooring to the project as well. I didn’t want to mess around with the electric heated mats, test to make sure I did it right and then tile over top. I knew I would be spending months in a small area because I Wasn’t familiar with heating installations. I just called over a HVAC contractor to put in a few hours of work. He set up the electric heated mats and my contractor laid tile over top of them. I now have perfectly heated floors and I barely paid anything for them. I didn’t mess up the job or waste time on it myself. I can look at that heating system fondly.


HEPA filter

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