When my mom found out that my best friend’s Mom owned a heating as well as AC repair company, he wanted me to get the guy to help with our AC concerns.

I did not want to ruin my friendship with the guy, so I regularly told my mom that his Mom was busy.

My mom came to option me up 1 day from Jack’s house as well as his Mom was outside in the garage working on an cooling system repair. My mom asked the guy to help with an AC repair. She told him that the AC still wasn’t working well after 3 weeks. He right away wanted to think why he waited so long to ask for help with the cooling system problem. My mom turned around as well as provided me a legitimately mean look. She knew right away that I had been lying the whole time. Jack’s Mom drove over to my house as well as my mom as well as him talked for a while. He fixed the cooling system concerns before he left. Not many of weeks later, Jack’s Mom’s heating as well as a/c repair truck was parked in my driveway. I thought every one of us had concerns with the cooling system again, however my mom as well as Jack’s Mom were sitting out on the patio drinking a couple of beers. I knew it was going to be a exhausting idea to ask the guy for help. Jack is going to be entirely mad as well as annoyed if his Mom has an affair with my mom. His parents have only been separated for multiple weeks as well as he still hopes they will reconcile.
a/c rep

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