I was recently in an old cabin that a neighbor owns, and in there they also had an old central heating and air conditioning unit.

I observed that the central a/c absolutely made the carpet damp and wet! It was something about the overworkings of old central a/c units that causes this. At least that was what I found out when I pointed it out to my friend. He went on to explain it to me, but my neighbor did mention that he was looking into getting a more modern, brand new central heating and A/C component for his home. He was planning to get rid of this vintage central heating and A/C that actually could no longer hold up with things. Especially the extreme summer temperatures! The a/c actually made things feel icky in there with the damp and wet carpet making an almost slushy noise when you walked on it. I am thankful I did not have that kind of thing going on in my house. My central heating and A/C is brand new and modern. I would not have it any other way because I am always right on top of the undoubtedly latest and greatest in heating plus a/c technology all around. I never collected or used vintage types of heat and A/C components because I knew the old one was not as good and had some kind of flaws in it compared to today.
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