I’m in my fifties and my dad has been gone many years now.

Still, there are these interesting characteristics that I see in myself that remind me of him.

One of those times I catch it is when I get on our kids about the heating and cooling usage in our home. I get absolutely frustrated when I find my kids yanking around the temperature control. Coming home that has been cooled to the low 70’s all morning when it’s a hundred degrees outside can make me crazy. When I try to get across to our kids just how wasteful that is, they tend to look at me as though I’m just nuts. To them, heating and cooling is some sort of preordained right and not a privilege we get to enjoy. This too makes me a bit nuts because having children who know they are entitled to stuff that is really a privilege is concerning. It absolutely wasn’t that way for me when I was growing up in our dad’s house. This was a guy that grew up without any sort of modern residential HVAC. There was a wood stove in the winter time for heating and all the breeze you could get for the air conditioner in the summer. So the fact that our house had quality heating and air with a residential HVAC plan was an undoubtedly sizable deal to him. That man was absolutely on top of where the temperature control setting was. You moved the temperature control at your peril. Shoot, I don’t even think my mom moved the temperature control much. That’s sure a far cry from where I am with our own kids. Perhaps I should go old school dad on them and put the fear of God in them when it comes to the temperature control.


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