Menopause is pretty awful. I sweat all the time and in inappropriate venues. I can’t sleep, get comfortable and my body is just all out of whack. What really stinks is that at night temperature control is horrible. I like the heavy weight of a comforter and to sleep warm. I used to only own a heater. Living up north, air conditioning isn’t totally necessary. I changed my ways after I started menopause. I tried sleeping without AC. I basically went from sweating through my sheets, to being cold because the sweat dried and then changing my sheets. I was up all night long. I recently invested in a ductless mini split and it has really changed the game. I now can provide heating to the rest of the household but enjoy AC in my room. I know my husband and kids would go insane if I wanted to blast air conditioning at 3am during the winter. Now they can have heating or whatever temperature. Everyone has their own thermostat. My room’s HVAC is basically pounding AC on me all year. What is nice is that when the hot flash is gone, I just use my phone to change the thermostat. I don’t need to get out of bed to stop it or ask for heating. I can just lay there and hope to sleep soon. Menopause is still awful and I still struggle sleeping at night. Having a ductless HVAC unit does help a lot though. It also has lowered my month to month energy bills by having a zone control system.


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