It’s super cute enjoying how the families celebrate Christmas with their teenagers here in our area.

They are undoubtedly a traditional genre of people who celebrate long running traditions similar to the Three Kings Day they celebrated this day.

There were a fair amount of happy children waiting for candies from the actors who played the religious kings in the parade. It seems that the older I get the more I just savor watching people and how they interact. I’m becoming one of those elderly people who just walk around and watch others. I suppose it is natural to care about this as all of us age. The parade started directly outside of the heating dealership in the town center and I can hear it coming towards our lake residence as the drums grow louder. I’m not sure what it all means but they seem to care about it even though it’s undoubtedly ice-cold outside now. Some sites in our neighborhood here have area furnaces outside and they seem to be the busiest while in the frigid months. I suppose if I was a bar owner I would invest in these to bring more people to our establishment. I’m pretty certain the cost of running these small portable area furnaces at night isn’t especially much compared to the money they are making from all the people. I’m not sure what they decide to do in the Summers here though because it gets quite toasty in the day hours. Maybe people just relax inside the air conditioned bars while in the day instead of outside on the terraces. I’m going to head on back to watch some more parade action before it ends.


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