I plan on taking it easy this weekend after hurting my back.

I got this pack of frozen peas in plastic to place on my lower back because I don’t have any ice packs.

Afterwards, I think I’ll make some pea soup. I’m going to get another book from my parents’ library for the weekend to read. I can’t do much with a hurt back, so having a book and some ice packs will be my only activity. My mom, who is a heating professional, is going to come by at some point for a visit to just hang out with me. We’d made plans this weekend to do things together before I leave, but all that was postponed. Maybe I should get a book on Heating and Air Conditioning maintenance. My AC is going to need some work soon. This way, I can see what needs to be done on it and go from there by speaking with the right person for the repair. My mom only works with heating and I need someone who can fix the a/c side of the component. I will find the right HVAC corporation. I have ample time now so it won’t be hard looking around online for the right corporation. The AC in my home is not working so well right now, and it’s hot outside, so I must fix it.

air conditioning install

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