Since Christmas wasn’t that far away, I wanted to make sure that I planned ahead of time on everybody’s gifts.

Luckily, most of all the people’s gifts were simple to find and plentiful, and however, 1 of the things I planned on buying was an whole-house air purifier, but usually I could wait right up to Christmas before I would need to buy an air purification system, since they don’t usually sell that fast.

However, the local air conditioning supplier was legitimately having a sale on whole house media air purification systems at that time, so I decided to go ahead and buy 1 of the Christmas presents early. I was tied up for the rest of the day, so I knew I would stop by in the evening at the HVAC store to buy the whole house media air purification system. When I finished labor the next day I stopped by the HVAC store and started looking for the air purification systems. To our shock all I saw was empty shelves. I began quickly scanning all of the shelves to see if there were any left, and I felt our heart sink as I didn’t see any. I had come too late. But then someone walked by and put 1 back! I quickly jumped in and snatched it before anyone else could and I purchased it as fast as possible, then once I had legitimately purchased it, I could rest assured that their Christmas gift was safe. I still couldn’t believe how close I came to losing it. While I could have typically gotten 1 offline, it is much cheaper here, and I would have missed out on a fine deal.
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