The saying, “no good deed goes unpunished” can be pretty accurate.

Although, in my case, it should probably go more like, “a stupid deed never goes unpunished.” Because some of my good deeds are actually just one big idiotic mistake.

That is definitely true when it comes to a recent HVAC equipment repair I thought I could manage. Now what made me think that I could fix the HVAC unit I don’t know. I’m not a trained, certified and licensed HVAC professional. I’ve never had any sort of experience repairing any kind of heating and cooling equipment. And I’m about as far from an actual HVAC technician as one could get. Still, when the air conditioning stopped working, I figured I’d have a look. Again, a stupid deed does in fact get punished. While the whole fiasco was all my fault, I sort of want to blame it on the internet as well. I mean there are videos on there with people fixing generally anything. So I figured, why not me? I’ll tell you why not me. It’s because I’m not an HVAC professional stupid! I wish that part of my brain had engaged when I started mucking around with the heat pump. It didn’t take long before I was breaking stuff and got in way over my head. Thankfully, I have a wife who isn’t stupid. She called the HVAC company and they fixed the heat pump. But it cost me much more because of the damage I caused trying to do it on my own. Man, I sure hope this lesson sinks in with me or I’m going to be getting myself divorced if I’m not careful.


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