Both of us had a town meeting on Tuesday afternoon as well as I finally guessed where all of our fees were going too.

They are going into the electric bill for the town hall.

It was absolutely frigid in there. The temperature control must have been set to about 55 degrees. I observed rapidly that all of the town officials were dressed up as if it was snowing. They must have known it would be chilly. That night. In fact, I guess they made it chilly cold in there on purpose so that both of us would stay long with our complaints. I have gone to the old town hall at other times as well as the a/c is not blasting away so cold, but despite the cold, I personally decided to say as well as make sure my voice was heard. I forced myself to stay the entire time. I can’t be pushed away with a little chilly air. However, I will confess that I turned up my oil furnace to the highest power in the automobile on the drive home. I also used my smart temperature control on the way to crank up the oil furnace at home. By the time I got to the condo I was just starting to dethaw a little bit. After about an hour or so in my nice warm house I finally felt better turning the oil furnace down more than 2 degrees. But dang! I guess the next town meeting honestly should be about the use of the a/c in the town meetings.

a/c care

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