I live with a few roommates in a town that never sleeps.

Obviously my lifestyle is exciting, there are so many things to explore here, and I am consistently trying new places, and experiencing things I have never experienced before on a daily basis, and because of my exciting lifestyle, I need A LOT of sleep in order to keep up with fun but also of course my real job, then my roommates are quiet, and like the same things I do, and also happen to be on the same schedule as me, thank goodness. My room however, prevents me from sleeping well, there is basically zero air circulation, and no matter how much I fall asleep, I always wake up sweaty! I reached out to our local Heating and Air Conditioning corporation. And they sent out an Heating and Air Conditioning worker almost right away, then the Heating and Air Conditioning worker realized that because the only window in my room is in the closet, that air isn’t circulating appropriately, leading to me waking up in the night seriously hot and sweaty, and since the Heating and Air Conditioning worker did not suggest a new window into our room, we decided to install an Heating and Air Conditioning unit, with bothong heating and cooling capabilities. Once he had installed this, I started sleeping so well. I set my room before I go to sleep at a chill 74º and have been able to sleep throughout the night! Since this purchase, my sleep is now way more consistent, and improving my quality of life dramatically. I no longer am cranky in afternoon meetings, and I also no longer require a nap in the middle of the afternoon.

air filter

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