My sister and I argue a lot about life and the happenings around us.

My mom says that this has always been the case since our childhood.

However, one is best advised to keep off our arguments because we are likely to gang against the intruder, especially if they are uninvited into our conversation. While we rarely agreed on most subjects, one thing we seemed to be on the same page with is the need to have a maintenance program or schedule for your HVAC system. This came up a few years ago when we both faced a strange occurrence with our AC units. Mine had been working quite well for the few years I had it installed. Unfortunately, my sister’s unit was a few months old, yet it presented the same challenges as mine did. After troubleshooting the issues unsuccessfully, we decided to call the HVAC technician to advise us on the way forward. Fortunately for us, we were practically neighbors since we worked in the same company and had seen no need to live far away from each other. The HVAC specialist identified that the major challenge with both of our units was neglect. None of us remember when we last had the unit checked adequately by professional HVAC contractors. As a result, a lot of dust had accumulated and clogged filters and air vents. My unit had survived this long because of the occasional cleaning that my son would do when he was around. Unfortunately, he had been away from the house for more than four months hence the sudden issue. He would change filters and fix minor issues since he was studying to become an HVAC expert. On the other hand, my sister knew nothing about the unit, which is why the unit failed despite being new.

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