Brian wants to chill this Sunday after hurting his leg yesterday.

He has a piece of frozen steak in plastic on his shoulder now because Brian doesn’t have any ice packs.

It looks like he’ll be able to eat steak after he uses it to cool his leg. Brain wants to borrow a good book from his dad’s library and relax for the weekend to read. He can’t do much with a sore leg other than rest it, so a good book and something frozen will be his only plan. His brother, who is a heating professional, will pass by at some point for a visit to just hang out with Brian. He had a lot of plans this Sunday to do things with his friends, however he can’t leave the house. Maybe Brian can get a book on Heating, Ventilation, and A/C service seeing that his cooling unit is failing. Brain can see what needs to be done on it and go from there by hiring the right HVAC professional to do the work. His heating tech brother only works with heating and Brian needs someone who can service the air conditioner side of the equipment so he’ll have to do some research to find the right business. He has time now though so it won’t be a big deal looking around online for the right business. The cooling unit in his home is not working so well right now, and it’s really tepid outside. That’s why Brian needs to get someone to fix his cooling unit.
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