The worst thing happened to me this holiday season.

My heating system just decided to no longer turn on.

I had a whole crew of people over to my house. I had my in -laws, siblings and friends all packed into my home. I prepared food for days leading up into it. I had the oven going on full power, christmas music blasting and the whole place was spotless. I think my cooking and running around kept me unaware of the heater issue for a while. All of a sudden during dinner time I noticed how cold it felt in my house. When I messed around with my thermostat I found the heater unresponsive. I am not a HVAC technician. I replaced my furnace filter and then had no other ideas on what to do. I didn’t want to start asking everyone in the house to do a heater repair. I had to call for emergency heating service on Christmas. I felt terrible! Not only did I know I was going to get charged an arm and a leg, but I was making some guy work. The HVAC worker was an older gentleman and so friendly. He was incredibly nice about the fact that I was making him work on a major holiday. It took less than an hour and my heater was back up and running. I felt so bad that I tipped the guy quite a bit and gave him some of my leftovers to take home for dinner. Thankfully he did have a family that he was going back to. If not, I would have kept my HVAC worker over at my house for the holiday season.

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