I love the idea of having zone control.

My husband and I don’t share a bedroom.

It shocks people at first but we aren’t capable sleepers. I am a light sleeper that needs to be warm and bundled under blankets. My husband loves the AC, a fan blowing on him and basically sleeping on a sheet. He also snores and is an early riser. It makes sense to separate our rooms. What would make it great would be separating the HVAC. The two of us can’t agree on a thermostat setting. My husband wants to crank the AC all summer. In the winter he never wants the heater to turn on. I don’t need AC in the summer but I look forward to heating in the winter. I especially want to have heating when I sleep. I wouldn’t mind a bit of AC in the kitchen. We have specified temperatures in certain areas of the house. Zone control would help with this. Also, my husband and I don’t use every room in the house. With a central HVAC system, we are wasting money providing climate control for unused spaces. The laundry room, second bathroom and office hardly need to have any heating and air conditioning. Also, zone control doesn’t take up much space. Our hallway closet is filled with a HVAC unit and a water heater. With a tankless water heater and a ductless HVAC unit, we could use that space for storage. There are too many pros not to go ductless and have zone control. I am just waiting for our unit to die.

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