A year ago there was a stray cat in the neighborhood that I fed, watered and petted on occasion.

  • I tried to coax him into my house and he would only hang out for a while.

It was stressful in the wintertime because I read cats can’t be outside in temperatures below 40 degrees. It starts to get dangerous for the cats. The poor kitty was definitely too afraid to stay indoors very long. I had a quality heater, guest bed and plenty of cat treats to bait him in. He just wouldn’t let himself enjoy quality climate control. When I moved further south I put him in a carrier and adopted him. It took awhile for him to get used to the new house, area and being an owned cat. Now that he knows he has a forever home, he is a whole new cat. He is way more affectionate and apt to stay indoors now. It is a year later and we are experiencing a cold winter. I am so glad that my cat sits inside and enjoys the heating I pay for. He has a cat door in a window and a stair that leads up to it. He will sit on his stair and peek out the window to check the temperature. When it is cold, he comes back inside and sits on the recliner. The recliner is directly under a heating vent and keeps him toasty warm. When the weather warms up my kitty heads outside to get a bit of exercise and fresh air. He is so much happier in his new home.



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