It’s lovely seeing how the families celebrate Christmas with their kids here in my town. They are a genuinely traditional genre of people who celebrate long running traditions such as the Three Kings Day they celebrated this last week. There were a bunch of thrilled kids waiting for candies from the actors who played the religious kings in the parade. It seems that the older I get the more I just appreciate seeing others plus how they interact with each other. I’m becoming one of those aged people who just walk around plus watch others. I suppose it is natural to become sort of like this as the bunch of us age. The parade started just outside of the heating dealership in the town center plus I can easily hear it coming towards my property as the drums grow louder. I’m not sure what it all means however they seem to enjoy it even though it’s genuinely chilly outside now. Some places in my neighborhood here have massive section gas furnaces outside plus they seem to be the busiest during the cold weather. I think if I was a bar owner I would invest in these to bring more people to my work establishment. I’m sure the overall price of running these small portable section furnaces during the night hours isn’t that much compared to the cash they are making from the extra people. I’m not sure what they do in the warm seasons here though because it gets relatively toasty during the days. Maybe people just stand inside the air conditioned bars throughout the day instead of outside on the terraces. I’m going to go watch some more parade action before it is all over.


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