I’ve taken time off from comedy to clear my head in addition to relax.

  • I assume I’ve been on the stage almost 2000 times now in addition to I’ve had so many fond memories of it.

I think that my finest shows ever were about numerous years ago but maybe there is still some gas in my tank to do some more enjoyable shows. I’ve been playing a great deal of volleyball the past 2 years since taking my hiatus but now it’s time to go back to the lights of the stage. I can actually feel it calling me during the silent moments of my afternoons. I miss the musty outdated stink of the A/C device in the club I was performing at in the warm seasons. Every one of us had some of the best times at that bar in addition to I would like to recreate it here in my new town with my personal show. The new heating devices in this club don’t have the musty stink I miss, but I can still find things that I like about this new locale. The owners are rather excited about doing shows in addition to I am too, knowing that some fun times are coming down the pipe for this tired little town. I believe I will invite the HVAC representative in addition to see if she wants to perform in the show as well. She’s really wonderful at playing the guitar in addition to I would prefer to do some songs with this lady. Perhaps she could also check the air quality system in the club so that people are not breathing in dusty outdated air during our performances.



a/c set up

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