Being totally self sufficient has been a passion of mine from a very young age.

I honestly think I can trace it to my dad getting me out in nature as much as he did.

Dad just didn’t like me hanging out in the air conditioning all the time playing my video games. We had a small cabin way out in the woods that he would haul me off to. I never put up much of a fight about having to get out of the HVAC comfort of home. Being with dad was great. And roughing it out in nature was even better. From there, I think my ideas of living off the grid just sort of came together. It took a lot of planning. Actually it took many years of planning before I was able to fully execute my plan to live a self sufficient life. But technology really gave me an assist. With the internet, I am able to do my work from anywhere. So that made living off on my own plausible from a career standpoint. Then HVAC technology added to that equation. My idea of living off the grid didn’t come with being a rugged, dirty, mountain man sort of thing. In fact, I have a nice little house with most of the amenities other people enjoy. It’s just mine are powered by the sun. I even have a ductless heat pump for HVAC cooling primarily. Our winters are mild and I have a wood stove for heating. But it sure is nice to have some air conditioning out in the woods from my ductless heat pump. Even my dad approves.




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