Anytime the weather drastically changes I feel sick.

This week our weather went from 70 degrees and sunshine to freezing cold 50 degree weather. When I wear a tank top and shorts one day and then switch to winter gear, it is hard on my system. I always develop a sore throat, stuffy nose and cough. It is usually a slight cold that lasts a few days. I have seen better results now that I have a superior heating and cooling system. I used to live in the north where I only had to turn the heater on and off. Changing the indoor air temperature so drastically was never a good idea. My gas heater was always dirty too. In the south I have more moderate weather and both heating and cooling. I go from AC to heating and it feels less drastic. I always don’t need to be the one that decides my heating and cooling settings anymore. I just set the thermostat to 74 degrees and tell my HVAC machine to do whatever. Somedays I am getting AC and other days I am getting heating. The southern winters aren’t that cold either and that helps me. I don’t deal with snow, ice and -20 degree weather. 40 degrees is about as cold as my area gets. So I no longer get fever, chills and have to lay in bed all day. I just feel sort of tired and gross on those days. Maybe I should take vitamins, drink orange juice or start taking medicine when I notice the weather is going to change again.


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