It is a hefty year around price but it is worth it to have clean air

My boyfriend is leaving on a week-long work trip and I couldn’t be more excited. He likes doing everything together and being attached at the hip. We also both work from home. I need a little space and alone time. I am looking forward to being able to do what I want, when I want to. I like cleaning the house while he is gone. I can strip the bed and wash all the lines. I mop the floors, scrub the windows and take everything out of the dressers to clean. The house is a mess while I am cleaning. I also clean at weird hours. It isn’t abnormal for me to be scrubbing a bathroom at midnight. I also eat way later and not as elaborate. I do take the time to get things done my boyfriend doesn’t really approve of. He is a hoarder so I take the time to throw things out while he is gone. He is also cheap. I hire out any service I need while he is gone. I get HVAC service everytime without fail. I also get ductwork cleaning if it isn’t long enough. This time I am going to purchase an air purification plan. I have wanted one for a while and I have the money for it. The air purifier will install in my ductwork and work as the air blows through the house. It will clean the air and remove smells from it. I will experience less dust and debris in the air as well. The machine does use air filters and requires yearly service like a HVAC system. It is a hefty year around price but it is worth it to have clean air. I also know my boyfriend will never notice that I bought it.

Digital thermostat

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