I am booking my honeymoon for a week in December.

Unfortunately it just worked out to have a winter trip.

Since I want it to be special I have been really researching the hotels there. I want a fancy hotel that has a spa, fitness center and indoor pool. I also want a good restaurant indoors and a room with a view. I don’t worry about things like shower water pressure, the heating system or the beds being soft. When you get a large hotel, those things are a given. My new husband and I will be driving south though. So some of the accommodations are actually houses or cabins we rent on vrbo. There is one that I am very excited for. It is a cabin in the middle of the woods overlooking the pacific ocean. The outdoor deck is big and beautiful. I am a bit worried about heating though. There is a fireplace right in the middle of the cabin and that is the only source of heating. I have never operated something like that. I don’t know if it works by cutting wood and burning it or if it uses gas, oil or is electric based. I think it might be worth contacting my host to get a little more information about this heating device. I want to make sure everything on the trip is perfect. Not having the right amount of heating could really ruin it. The fireplace certainly looks big and powerful in pictures. It also looks very pretty and ornate.

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