I haven’t lost any of the weight yet but I do feel better.

After I had my son working out fell to the wayside. The priority was my baby, not how I looked. Now that my boy is a little older I have noticed that I haven’t really lost the baby weight. I am fleshy and flabby around my tummy. I am now being proactive about my health. Two days a week I do a core progression fitness class. I work in a group with a personal trainer for an hour. The class mainly does cardio work with a bit of weightlifting sprinkled in. It is nice knowing that I am for sure getting a work out two days a week. I also know I am getting a good work out. I started out feeling guilty leaving my baby, but my husband has been amazing. It is only an hour twice a week that he has to be the sole parent to our son. I am hopeful that I will be able to up the number of days I work out. Also, as my son gets older it would be nice to bring him when I work out. I could play in the pool with him, ride bikes or go for jogs around the track. Right now my boy is still too little where he needs a caretaker. I haven’t lost any of the weight yet but I do feel better. I am trying to target what I eat as well. I figure cutting out carbs, dairy and sugar is a good start. When I am able to, I do try to get some stretching in.

Group Physical Training Classes

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