Toward the end of the last school year, my child asked if I’d chaperone a class trip.

This seemed like a pretty good opportunity to spend some quality time with my little girl, get more involved with school activities and meet her friends… I agreed without getting further information.

I had no idea whatsoever that we’d be traveling by school bus at all. I swear they found the oldest school bus around for the trip. There were no seat belts, no a/c machine and the windows only opened approximately an inch. The people I was with and I bounced along in that warm and stuffy bus for quite a few hours. By the time every one of us arrived at our endpoint, I was severely drenched in sweat and suffering a horrible headache. When I saw that every one of us were touring a museum I was happy about that. I knew a museum would be properly equipped with a good cooling machine. Instead, every one of us stepped inside an extremely hot building. There was a pretty large sign near the entrance, apologizing for the lack of an a/c machine. It said that the cooling machine was under repairs and would be operational the following day. That didn’t do us much good. The youngsters were all terribly warm and irritated… Nobody was all that interested in a tutorial on magnets or a demonstration of how electricity works. The youngsters would stop at every single water fountain and then continually needed to use the powder room. The people I was with and I figured out that it was much cooler to eat our lunch outside. The people I was with and I sweated for the whole experience and then were forced back on that hot bus with no a/c machine. I will never volunteer to chaperone again.


Air quality systems

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