People with money can entirely make myself plus others laugh out loud.

  • It’s unsure if many wealthy individuals are exactly the same, but the ones that I have met are just as humorous as the two of us can describe.

There is definitely a unique section of folks that are privileged + entitled. These folks barely seem to function as adults. The two of us suppose these facts because the two of us job plus live with multiple folks. These certain individuals are from family generations of extreme wealth. They have acquired a weird mindset that is much different than mine. This was demonstrated recently on a hilarious posting found on Craigslist. Some of those folks created a position online just so they could have a person stay in their home to manage the heating, ventilation, plus cooling method. The family seemed to travel frequently throughout the year plus did not want to worry about coming home without heat or cool air. The person needed someone that had heating, ventilation, plus a sea background. They wanted the air filters replaced weekly, plus they had some other requests on the indoor air quality. It seemed really strange to do all of this while no one was in the home, but I guess that’s one of the reasons why it’s okay to take money from a stupid person. After all, these rich people could have just as easily bought a smart thermostat to do the job that they wanted to pay someone $200 a week to perform.


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