When you are a newborn mother it is totally exhausting.

Everyday is a battle of you versus the baby versus everything else you need to take care of in your life.

It can be so challenging to keep your head wrapped around all of these crucial measures. Unfortunately, I am one of the folks who also has to maintain a full-time job while I look after my child. I’ve been able to do my work from my own place which has been a major help in the entire endeavor. However, my indoor air quality control equipment is definitely not helping with any area of this. In the past few weeks it seems pretty much like my a/c equipment has started to revolt against me. Every time I hear the temperature control component turn on the AC equipment I am nervous for the racket that it’s about to create. It seems that my central cooling equipment is dead set on making as much pandemonium as possible. Whenever the air quality control equipment kicks into gear it sounds sort of like a pack of lions roaring outside. Of course, this isn’t helping anything with my newborn child and her sleep. The sound of my a/c equipment regularly rouses my child from her deepest sleep. The a/c equipment causes her to start crying basically like she is having her arm ripped off. When you’re attempting to do your work and your child is terrified by the sound of your central cooling equipment it is a checkmate situation. I can’t actually work indoors without a/c equipment power. I can’t use the air conditioner equipment without causing my child to cry a great deal. When my child cries I can’t get my job done. At this point, I am pretty much just praying that the outdoor air temperature declines rapidly.


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