If you think about how heating and cooling technology has become so advanced today, it really will blow your mind! The inventions of such things like radiant heated floors, HVAC zone control, and that most people have central heating and air conditioning systems is a big change from what once was even 25 years ago. Window air conditioning systems are still being used today by some. And let’s think about this…if you actually compare the window air conditioning units of yesterday to the window air conditioning units of today, there is actually quite a big difference to be honest! I never really noticed it, until I had to get a window air conditioning unit for my garage recently. I was used to the way window air conditioning units used to be when I was growing up in the north way back when. Today’s window air conditioning systems have so many more features than the window air conditioning systems we used to have. For instance, the window air conditioning system I just bought has a timer and a thermostat setting on it! Back in my days as a kid, you had to turn your window air conditioning system on and off manually, and it did not have a thermostat per say. Just a temperature control dial. How things have changed! Like I said, heating and air conditioning technology has sure come a long way in the last twenty five years or more! I can only imagine what heating and cooling technology will bring as time moves on!

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