I was reading this book the other day and I really thought it must be nice being the main character. He had a fancy house with a powerful HVAC system. He had remote controlled fireplaces throughout the house, and he even had radiant heated floors. He had some fancy cars and he even had a helicopter pad with a helicopter on it. When he would go for flights in his helicopter, he even had the fancy A/C system working inside. I thought it would be great to be living a life like this guy, but that was until the guy started getting into it with all these people trying to take him down. It turns out the main character was involved with certain crimes that he committed in the past to get him a large amount of money. One of those crimes happened to be a bank robbery that he and his collaborators got away with. One of those collaborators believed that the cut they got was not split evenly, and they were coming after the main character. In the end, he ended up getting killed, and nobody even came to his funeral. It was a rather sad ending and I realized I would never want a life like this guy. Of course, it would be nice to have a remote fireplace with a big home and a fancy HVAC system. The cars would be nice as well. I would never do what he did to get all those things though. If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that crime does not pay.



Air conditioning system

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