Much like knowing when you need an umbrella to go outside when it’s gonna rain, you look at a forecast.

The forecast I look at when it comes to my whole home air purification system is the allergy forecast in my area! This can be found on the internet at a few of the common weather websites.

And you enter in your zip code and it tells you the air quality for each day of the week and if their is going to be any high allergens in the air. When I see a bad air quality day on the rise, I know that’s a day that I need to turn on my whole home air purification system the night before. That way, when it enters into the next day where the air quality is going to be horrible, I will not even feel it or know about it unless I have to leave the house for anything. Which thankfully on most of these days I do not, because I am lucky enough to work from home like many are doing today. If it wasn’t for me knowing about and reading the allergy forecast like the weather forecast, I would be blowing so much energy on my monthly electric bills if I ran the whole home air purification system all the time in conjunction with my central heating and air conditioning system unit! I actually learned about reading the allergy forecast on an energy saving tips website. They talked about saving money on energy bills this way when you have a whole home air purification system like I do.

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