I live in a very strange climate in my area.

  • I will tell you what makes it the most strange.

The fact that in the summer months of the year you have really terrible air quality, while in the winters you have moderate temperatures and the most wonderful air quality. It is really bizarre! Having to live like this has become normal to me. And I know that in the summer months I have to have some kind of air purifier going in my house if I do not want my allergies to go off the charts so to speak. I have a whole home air purification system. But before I had the whole home air purification system I had a portable air purification system. The portable air purification system had done ok for a little while, but then eventually the whole home air purification system was needed because the air quality got worse! But again, this was only in the summer months of the year. The winter it was so nice out that you would sometimes forget it was winter and believe that it was fall time of the year in a different part of the country. It is very strange like I have said before. I am just so glad I have my whole home air purification system to help me through those really hard times of the year. I wish that someday this would actually clear up and change big time. But somehow I do not think this is ever going to happen. This is just how it is in the area.


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