Starting up an after school program to teach AC repair

Whoever said “do what you love and you never work a day in your life” was a complete and utter liar.

In truth, there is no getting around doing work in your life, of one kind or another, so the trick is to find something you don’t mind doing.

It isn’t about not working, it is about not hating the work that you do, which is what causes stress and agita. I was lucky enough to find a job I sort of liked, and now I have started a program to teach skills to young people. I don’t intend for all of these kids to get into HVAC work like I did, I just want them to have options. So many people are unhappy in life because they feel they have to take whatever job they can get, and if these kids can have the skills for heating and cooling repair they will be better off. Every wednesday night at the local church I set up some sample HVAC equipment and then use it to instruct the kids. It is all very basic stuff to start, just the science of how heating and cooling systems work, and the mechanics of it all. We look at the different components, then I take them apart and explain what every aspect of a heater or an AC unit is. If and when I get a kid who shows some real interest, then I can give them a slightly more advanced HVAC tutorial. I always tell the kids, if not HVAC, look into other kinds of trade schools.



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