For more than a few months, the two of us have been seeing each other.

The two of us thought things were actually well.

There’s two of us have some interests that our similar + things are nicely getting along. We’re two of us enjoy spending lots of our time in the same place plus we do many of the same things. The two of us have political viewpoints that are nearly the same for spending, politics, plus general responsibilities. This is exactly why it myself plus others felt hopeful for our future. When I was genuinely trying to impress the person, I decided to spend most of the day cleaning up that Cottage. My boo had to get out of the house to work on some job stuff and I wanted to be extremely helpful and give him a nice place to return back to our abode. The two of us had some dishes sitting on the table plus I finished them up in the laundry machine. I also washed some windows plus vacuum the living room floor. I had a feather duster in my hand + decided to run it past the air vents which were situated over my head. I then saw a lot of dust fall out of the air vent all over the floor. Everyone started searching around for a Shop-Vac so we could extensively clean all of those ducting vents. The two of us perform lots of heating, ventilation, plus AC maintenance and did not feel this was going overboard. When my boo returned back to our place, he was happy about the indoor air conditions.

Air conditioning technician

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