There is an endless list of variables to ponder when you’re spending several thousand dollars to fix something large inside your car.

You could be asking your mechanic if one manufacturer of brake pads is better than one that charges less for a comparable product.

Or when you’re deciding on what tires to buy and you’re presented with a dozen options at varying prices. But decisions over home repairs carry as much weight as those associated with your transportations. And with homes of all kinds, repairs can go from $20 in a few cheap parts to five figure repair bills that destroy your savings account. A lot of these companies that offer services to repair life essentials like cars and houses can pray on people who find themselves in a sudden emergency and aren’t as willing to get multiple price quotes like they would if they were not in the grips of a catastrophe. If you think you can wait on a decision, you’re more likely to consider various options opposed to settling on the first offer you find. People get swindled by heating and cooling contractors who have special agreements with certain manufacturers to sell more of their units as a price that is advantageous to the HVAC dealer. Often they try to unload these units on people in emergencies that aren’t even willing to look for a second quote or option. They know that someone who just lost use of their air conditioner in the middle of July might reluctantly agree to prices far beyond what their normal self would ever approve. And they’re able to apply this pressure by coming out to your home, getting the equipment ready, and showing you an invoice and saying it can be done the same day. It works far more often than these companies would ever admit.


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