For several years, the two of us have had a difficult job that just gets harder every day.

  • The industry should be relaxing + fun, but our management style makes every single task stressful + tedious.

The two of us can think of personal responsibilities with boundaries, plus the two of us are accused of lots of things at times. Some people are in their arms on one thing or another. Sometimes a person should not defend themselves so there is no one pointing a finger directly in that area. Some extremely stressful things have been occurring at my job lately to give me Stressless and Sleepless evening. This extreme stress came on Tuesday, when everyone of us were having our yearly point from this review. The performance review was completed by my boss plus we were supposed to be discussing things that were under my job on Briella. The boss hastily decided to bring up the indoor air temperatures and the thermostat. The guy told the two of us that he was unsure how to break the news, but the heating plus cooling situation was out of control. He was noticing increased energy bills over the last 6 months plus wanted to make me aware of the huge priority it should be. I wanted to see improvement in our indoor air quality as well, which I believe to be on usual feedback in the first place. After all, I have very little to do with the indoor air quality working in the phone bank room. I doubt the indoor air conditions falls under the purview of my job responsibilities.

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