Back when i was living in the midwest, I used to pass a lot of farms on the road.

Farms are something I was not used to seeing growing up where I did in the inner city area.

Every single time I would pass one of these farms it got me thinking. I was wondering how these farm owners deal with their indoor air quality. Living on a farm you have all kinds of bad smell coming from all the animals and other things around. Not to mention, if you have allergies I am sure they flare up like crazy being on a farm! Especially with all the hay around. I always wondered if farmers who live on their farms invested in whole home air purification systems. Whole home air purification systems could help kill some of that bad air quality I am sure. But how much I have no idea. Even a whole home air purification system I wouldn’t think could go up against the super bad air quality you get from these farms. That’s not to say that farms are a bad thing. After all, if it wasn’t for those, we would not have a lot of the food we buy at the grocery store. But that god awful air quality! I feel for the farmers who have to deal with this every single day of their lives until they decide to retire. I certainly hope that a whole home air purification system would help them if they even know about them. I almost want to send letters to every farmer and inform them about whole home air purification!



HVAC technician

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